Alen Air Purifier Troubleshooting – Most Common Issues Solved in 2022

alen air purifier troubleshooting

Alen Air Purifiers are among the most popular air purifiers on the market today. They come with a host of features that make them ideal for people who want to improve their indoor air quality.

However, like any other product, Alen Air Purifiers can suffer from faults and need to be fixed. This blog will discuss some of the common Alen Air Purifier troubleshooting issues and solve them.

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Alen Air Purifier Troubleshooting

It is possible that a variety of factors may be affecting your Alen air purifier. However, the good news is that simple fixes can be made for some of the most common problems. Below is the troubleshooting of Alen Air Purifiers;

What factors won’t let your Alen air purifier turn on?

Why my Alen air purifier won’t turn on is a common question for many Alen air purifier users. Below are the possible reasons for this problem.

  • The power cord of your air purifier is not plugged correctly
  • There is a fault in your power cord
  • There might be a chance that your fuse is blown
  • Check on the socket in which you are plugging your air purifier
  • There are also chances that you are using the incorrect power rating

Why is always Alen Air Purifier Red Light?

Why is alway Alen Air Purifier Red Light

Here is another common issue with Alen air purifiers which is why Alen air purifier always red. Well, the red light is an indication that your air filter needs to be replaced. HEPA air purifier filters from Alen air purifiers are not suitable for washing. However, you can clean them and reuse them.

Particles accumulate in the filters over time, reducing their filtration performance. It is essential to replace the filter when the Red light is illuminated.

Can you vacuum the Alen air filter?

Vacuuming your Alen air filter is possible. Due to its structure, the owners can clean their air filters for optimal performance. But there is a thing that you need to consider before cleaning. HEPA filters are not washable as you have to replace them instead of washing them.

When Your Alen Air Purifier Stops Working

An air purifier that isn’t working due to a bad filter is common. Your purifier pushes the filtered air during the purification process, which captures pollen, dust particles, mold, and other contaminants.

Filters need to be changed eventually as they become clogged up. If the Alen air purifier is still not working after filter replacement, try to restart your air purifier. Moreover, it could be a technical fault in your air purifier. In this case, you have to contact customer service.

How to Reset Alen Air Filters?

how to reset alen air filter

It is crucial that you reset the indicator after changing the filter. Hold the Filter button for five seconds to automatically reset the air purifier. You will see the light above the filter turn green once the air purifier is reset.

How long do Alen BreatheSmart filters last?

How long do Alen air filters last

Alen BreatheSmart HEPA filter needs to be replaced every 10 to 12 months depending on its usage frequency. The filter life indicator will tell you when it needs to be replaced. Furthermore, you have to clean the pre-filter every 1 to 2 months for optimal results.

How do I change my Alen Air Purifier filter?

How do I change my Alen Air Purifier filter

Here is the complete process for changing your Alen air purifier filters;

  1. The first step must be to disconnect the air purifier from the power source and turn it off. Both hands should be used to remove the cover.
  2. The device should be positioned by keeping your air filter in an upright position.
  3. Next, you must remove the old filter.
  4. The white tab on top of your air filter should be gently pulled out.
  5. Be sure to dispose of your old filters in a plastic bag.
  6. You will prevent particles from entering the air again by doing this.
  7. Starting at the bottom, insert your new filter.
  8. Make sure the top is firmly secured by pushing it in.
  9. The filter life button must be held down for about five seconds to reset the device.
  10. Releasing the button will cause the light to turn green, indicating that the reset has been completed.

Can We Leave Alen Air Purifier Turn On All The Times?

Keeping your air purifier on all day is a good idea since air pollution is ubiquitous and continuous. It will help reduce pollutants in the home if you change your air purifier filters at the right time. When you keep your unit running all the time, there are no perceived disadvantages.

When should Alen air purifier filters be replaced?

Air purifiers from Alen utilize the most advanced filtration system available. The name for these air filters is HEPA filters. During regular use, Alen recommends replacing your air purifier filters every six months to maintain your health and keep your air purifier performing at its best.


As we all know, air purifiers are one of the most important gadgets in our homes. They help us breathe easier and reduce the number of harmful pollutants in our atmosphere. But like any other gadget, they can also malfunction from time to time.

After reading this blog, you should be better equipped to troubleshoot common problems with your Alen air purifier. We have discussed various issues users commonly face with their Alen air purifiers and provided solutions.

Keep in mind that not all issues cannot be resolved by yourself. Y should consult your technician for more in-depth help.

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