Can HEPA Filters be Washed and Reused? Yes or No? Detailed Explanation 2022

Can HEPA Filters be Washed and Reused

HEPA filters are the most valuable part of air purifiers that are proved to be highly efficient in trapping all the unnecessary, harmful, or disease-causing particles from the air.

Their quality varies a lot, depending on the manufacturing filter material. It will decide their effectiveness to filter out particles.

A high-quality HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter can improve indoor air quality by trapping up to 99.99% of airborne pollutants, having a size of even 0.3 microns.

Can HEPA filters be Washed and Reused

The short answer is Yes; as long as the HEPA filters are maintained properly, the permanent or washable HEPA filters can be cleaned and reused many times.

HEPA is the most advanced air filter technology currently in use. In the past, activated carbon filters were the most common type of filters used in homes.

But they are no longer effective at removing certain types of contaminants. As a result, more and more air purifier manufacturers are installing HEPA filters to improve air quality.

As HEPA filters purify indoor air deeply, they also require proper maintenance and care. When it keeps on capturing particles without being cleaned, it may get clogged, which can result in reduced performance. Most HEPA air filters are washable and can be reused after proper cleaning.

Continuous cleaning can also damage the mesh and make it less effective or destroyed, and you will need to replace it. So, you need to clean your washable HEPA filter as recommended by your provider to prolong its lifespan.

How to Clean HEPA Filters

Reusing your HEPA filter is genuinely a treat as you don’t need to spend a significant amount on its replacement. You can try multiple methods to clean your washable HEPA filter, depending on its model, and reuse it.

1. Washing with water

Many HEPA filters are washable due to their strong property to repel water, stopping it from damaging the material. You can run a stream of cold water over the air filter without applying any chemical or detergent.

how to wash hepa filter

Keep your hand gentle while cleaning your HEPA air filter to don’t allow damage at any cost. Let it get dry for hours or a day before installing it back into your air purifier because a wet HEPA filter can cause damage to your unit.

2. To wipe it

If you think that rinsing a washable HEPA air filter with water can cause damage, you can also get rid of its clogged dirt by using a soft cloth. You can use a slightly damp towel to wipe it all over the filter gently.

You can also use a drop of soap lotion on the wiping cloth to clear all the clogged particles deeply. Then you will also have to use a cleaned damp towel to remove the soap and make your filter looks like a new one. Dry it and then place it back into the air purifier.

3. To use a vacuum cleaner

When you want to use a vacuum cleaner to clean up your disposable HEPA filter, it is also found effective to turn your air purifier to provide perfect cleaning like the new one.

Remove the excessive dust or airborne particles from the permanent HEPA filter by running the vacuum cleaner’s hand gently all over it.

can i use vacuum cleaner to clean hepa filter

Try to wipe with a soft, damp cloth after cleaning it through a vacuum cleaner to clean your unit more properly. Let it dry to reuse it once again. This method is also great for a non-washable HEPA filter.

Common FAQs about HEPA Filters

How do I know my HEPA Filter is Dirty?

If you feel your indoor air is polluted or stuffy, your HEPA filter has to be dirty or could be broken. In addition, you can check the HEPA filter to check the condition. A HEPA filter can filter and clean the indoor air, but once the filter becomes dirty, it cannot function properly.

Does washing a HEPA filter ruin it?

If your HEPA filter is washable or permanent, washing will not damage it. On the other hand, you can not wash or reuse it if it is a disposable filter. However, it is always a good practice to properly clean the filter at least once a month.

How many times can you reuse a HEPA filter?

There is no restriction on how many times permanent HEPA filters can be reused. You should read the user manual carefully about the filter life. Also, it is recommended to wash permanent filters once every four to six months.


There is a growing tendency among people to recycle more and more. One of the items being recycled in increasing numbers is air filters. A HEPA filter is one of the most commonly recycled items because most HEPA filters can be washed and reused.

Washing and reusing HEPA filter saves resources, reduces environmental waste, and keeps low indoor air pollution.

If you want to reuse HEPA filters and don’t want to replace them again and again, try to clean them on a regular basis by multiple methods to enjoy effective cleaning of indoor air.

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