Do Air Purifiers Cool Down a Room? Detailed Guide in 2022

do air purifiers cool down room

A common question about air purifiers is, Do air purifiers cool down a room? Well, an air purifier’s chief function is to clean the air and get rid of many infectious microorganisms, allergens, pollutants, and dust.

But, you may want to find out if it can cool your room or not. Some people believe that air purifiers also cool down a room by sucking in the hot air and releasing cold air. This article will see if an air purifier makes the room cool?

Do air purifiers cool down a room?

While this is a common belief, no scientific evidence supports air purifiers cool down a room. So the answer is; that air purifiers do not cool the air. It cleans the indoor air only because there are no cooling mechanisms incorporated in all air purifiers.

Air purifiers are specifically designed for purifying the air by their airflow mechanism that performs effective cleaning by trapping the unwanted particles in the filters. But, these purifiers follow the convection or ionization process to improve indoor air quality.

But, most air purifiers in the market contain a fan beside one or more air filters. They can make your room a bit cooler or can make you feel like this by eliminating the warm air outside. Otherwise, an air purifier is a device that only performs cleaning, not cooling.

Does airflow help to cool the room? 

Air purifiers with fans have outstanding airflow to clean up the indoor air. But, the airflow that comes out of it also produces a slight effect on warm air to turn it into a slightly cool one due to the air circulation process.

Various speed options are present in an air purifier to help you control it according to your needs. The fan sucks the air present in the room, crosses it through the filter to trap unusual particles, and then pushes fresh air back into the room.

If you’re cleaning a small space, then a low speed of the fan can help you create a cooling effect in the room besides purifying the air.

However, if you want to clean and have ample space, then low or even medium speed will neither work for its effective cleaning nor a bit for cooling, and you will need to switch to high speed.

Does airflow direction matter? 

air purifiers air flow direction

Air purifiers help differently in the winter and summer seasons to cool or warm up the room accordingly. The air purifiers follow the mechanism of pushing air outward by capturing it through a ceiling or floor work to keep rooms cooler during summers.

At the same time, those that suck air from sideways and push it upward will ultimately help keep rooms warmer to comfort you during winters.

What can you do to make your room cool? 

air purifiers airflow directions

It is already described that air purifiers don’t work to cool the air, but the ones that contain fans could help a bit in it. But, it is not a versatile solution for purifying and cooling your room simultaneously. Besides keeping an air purifier at home, you can follow one of the bits of advice given below:

  • Purchase a portable fan and switch it on while using an air purifier.
  • Getting a combo air purifier may be helpful.
  • Bring and fix an effective room cooler.


In conclusion, air purifiers do not cool down a room, but they provide clean air instead. While they may make the air feel cooler, this is only because the air is being circulated more quickly. So, if you are looking for a way to cool down your home, using an air conditioner is the best option.

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