Do Air Purifiers Make the Air Dry? Myths vs Reality in 2022

Do Air Purifiers Make the Air Dry

As you know that air purifiers effectively clean and purify air deeply. But, what will be the results of it are not discussed every time. So, many people think that air purifiers can dry out of the air which will destroy their comfort zone.

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Do air purifiers make the air dry?

So, do air purifiers make the air dry? The answer is a Big No. Capturing moisture and humidity from the air is not the purpose of air purifiers. It is mainly a function of dehumidifiers that collects moisture into its tank by drawing it from the air.

Do air purifiers capture moisture? 

The main objective of air purifiers is to capture and eliminate dust, microorganisms, and unusual particles from the air. It doesn’t significantly remove moisture from the air. In a nutshell, an air purifier neither adds nor removes the moisture in the indoor air.

Even most of the air filters equipped in these units are only capable of trapping unwanted particles from the air but don’t relate to the humidity of the air.

Effects of dry air on the human body

health effects of dry air

Drying of air is not a considerable problem for healthy people. But, those who have breathing difficulties can suffer a lot from it. According to some studies, excessively dry air can also result in shortness of breath with aggravating adverse respiratory tract diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, chronic lung disease, etc.

Can HEPA filters reduce humidity in the air?

HEPA filters are well-known for their powerful performances in trapping every unwanted particle from the air. But, as far as we consider humidity, the HEPA filter doesn’t have a mechanism to draw moisture or show any considerable effect on the humidity levels of the air.

Do carbon filters lower humidity? 

If we compare carbon filters with HEPA filters, carbon filters couldn’t match their competitor’s performances. It doesn’t effectively purify the air as the HEPA filters do.

But, it also shows a slight effect in reducing moisture in the air. Water vapors are absorbable on activated carbon and can make the air dry to a slight extent.

Can dry air affect sleep?

Yes, dry air can affect sleep. If you are exposed to dry air at night, then it will make it difficult for you to fall asleep. You might also experience insomnia and feel tired the next day because of this exposure.

Benefits of breathing in moderate humid air: 

Benefits of breathing in moderate humid air

  • It can help your skin stay soft the whole day
  • It prevents the drying of eyes and hair
  • Allows you to feel warmer every time
  • Makes breathing easy and comfortable
  • Don’t let your mouth dry
  • Help prevent multiple Respiratory diseases
  • Keep your plants healthy and humidified


It must have cleared now that air purifiers don’t capture moisture and don’t let the air dry out. But, it can also vary on the air filter used in your unit as carbon ones can affect humidity a little bit. So, be careful while choosing your air purifier and enjoy the clean and fresh air.

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