GermGuardian Air Purifier Troubleshooting – 5 Common Issues Solved

germguardian air purifier troubleshooting

An air purifier is a must to be in everyone’s home to improve air quality. It is a device to get rid of unhealthy pollutants, pet hair, dirt & dust particles. Such harmful materials can add complications to asthma and allergies that can cause serious health issues.

When you utilize an air purifier for air cleaning purposes, it also needs to be fixed and taken care of sometimes!

Guardian Technologies manufactured an excellent “GermGuardian air purifier” that effectively clears up the air and provides healthy breath every time.

So, when you have this great tool and want it to serve you for a long time, you must know how the air purifier works and why it is troubling you.

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GermGuardian Air Purifier Troubleshooting – Top 5 Issues

Here is a comprehensive guide on GermGuardian air purifier troubleshooting to help you identify problems you’re dealing with and fix them.

1. Improper working of air purifier

When the power cord gets burned or damaged, there are issues with the power outlet, or too much dust has covered the air filter. The air purifier starts showing reduced working, and you feel poor air quality. So, find out the accurate reason behind it and solve it.

germguardian air purifier won't turn on


  • Ensure that the power cord has not broken or the power outlet doesn’t need replacement if anyone of it is not perfect, repair or replace the electric cord.
  • Check the filter cover if it is properly installed on the germ guardian.
  • Make sure that the fan is working properly. When you keep using an air purifier for so long without care, the fan gets loosened and stops working.
  • Taking out the pre-filter and cleaning it with a soft cloth or using a vacuum cleaner as it may get clogged is a reason for its slow performance. Reinsert the air filter and observe again.

2. Red or blue light indications

When you see the blue light blinking in your GermGuardian air purifier, it is an indication for you to reset its UV light timer. At the same time, the red light means that your HEPA filter needs to be replaced.

Every model has different timers that you need to set after replacing your germguardian HEPA filter. But, when you see a red light blinking, there must be an issue that needs to get fixed as soon as possible.


  • Install its combination filter correctly, restart your air purifier and start it again.
  • Make sure the replacement time of your filters as they may have become so old.
  • If the HEPA filter has completed its life replace it with a new filter and press the HEPA/Timer button for 3 to 5 seconds. The red light will turn green.
  • It is recommended to always use the germ guardian air filters and germguardian UV light bulb.

3. Flashing and producing a beeping sound

It is common problem in most air purifiers that confuse the new users and make them panic that their unit has come through serious issues. But no, it is so common due to some filter issues or filter resetting requirements.


  • It is mainly an indication to reset your air purifier. So, press the power button for so long and reset it.
  • Check filter indicator because your unit has captured many dust particles that signal to do its cleaning.
  • Any foreign object in the pre or HEPA filters can also be responsible for the red light blinking.
  • If the problem is still not solved, contact the support team and ask for advice.

4. Producing unusual noises

Another common problem people face with their GermGuardian air purifier is unusual noises coming out of it. If you notice such a problem, check out the following solution immediately.


  • Maybe the incorrect installation of a filter causes strange noise, so make sure filters are installed correctly.
  • Ensure that the HEPA filter or blades may not get clogged with dirt. Switch off your unit, unplug it and clean it properly.
  • Also, physically check your air purifier fan to see if it is working properly and set it on the appropriate fan speed.

5. Unresponsive speed button and controls

When you keep using your device without taking care of its maintenance, you may face a few moments when the controls and buttons stop responding. So, what you need to do is to find an appropriate fixation for it at the control panel.

why is my air purifier not working


  • Make sure that your air purifier is getting the correct power supply.
  • Check out that you have installed all parts correctly or reinsert the air filter.
  • Unplug the device and reset it by long-pressing the switch button.
  • Contact the customer support team to help to fix this issue.

How to Replace GermGuardian Air Purifier Filter 

Common FAQs About GermGuardian Air Purifiers

How do you reset UV light?

Remove the pre-filter and wash it. After vacuuming or washing the filter, press the UV reset button for 5-10 seconds on the remote control. You can also use the sleep+child lock button for this purpose.

Does GermGuardian produce ozone?

No, most models of GermGuardian air purifiers do not emit ozone. According to the manufacturers, UV-C light-based air purifiers are safe to use. However, some users’ complaints are about the Metallic smell in these air purifiers, which is not harmful.

How long do Germguardian filters last?

It depends on the frequency of usage. Generally, Germ guardian filters have a life of 6 to 8 months. The carbon filter should be cleaned twice a month to extend its life.


No matter how much you take care of your air purifier. There may be a time come when you face some issues, and you want to troubleshoot them as soon as possible to start cleaning your home again.

When you own a GermGuardian air purifier, you must have well aware of its effective cleaning. So, make it your long-term air cleaning partner by fixing every issue at home.

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