Honeywell HPA200 Vs HPA300 – Which Honeywell is Better?

honeywell hpa200 vs hpa300

Honeywell has maintained its prestige by introducing a top-quality series of products. It has gained much popularity earlier for its excellent air purifiers, capable of efficiently removing the largest to smaller airborne allergens, pollutants, dust mites, or harmful microorganisms. Due to this, Honeywell comes among the top air purifier brands worldwide.

Honeywell HPA200 vs HPA300 models are two exceptional air purifiers equipped with the best features to induce powerful performances. They both have gained several positive ratings and satisfying customer feedback worldwide.

Here we will compare these two air purifiers to examine the similarities and differences to help you find out which one is most suitable to fulfill your needs with ease.

Quick Comparison of Honeywell HPA200 Vs HPA300

Runner Up




Honeywell HPA200

Honeywell HPA300

Coverage Area

310 ft2

465 Ft2


True HEPA filtration technology, Pre-activated Carbon filter

True HEPA filtration technology, Pre-activated Carbon filter

Cleaning levels






Energy Star Certified



Rated Power

80 W

40 - 130 Watts

Noise Level

50.9 - 69.6 dBA 

71.2 dBA (Max)

Wifi Connectivity



Assembly Required



Remote Control



Filter Replacement Indicator 



Sleep Mode




19.3x11.5x20.3 Inches

9.2x20 x22.2 Inches


13.91 Pounds

17 Pounds


5 Year

5 Year

Honeywell HPA200 Vs HPA300: Which is Better?

The main difference between Honeywell HPA200 and HPA300 is that HPA300 has four cleaning levels, and HPA200 has three. Also, HPA300 has a better coverage area than HPA200, making it a winner over HPA200. However, both air purifiers are great performers under a given coverage area.

Key Differences: Honeywell HPA200 Vs HPA300 Air Purifiers

what is the difference between honeywell hpa200 and hpa300

We have found these two products very similar and only a few differences are there. These are as follows:

Room Coverage

Honeywell HPA300 air purifier is much recommended for extra-large rooms over the other one. The machinery is designed to offer cleaning and purification of an area up to 465 sq. ft. While the Honeywell HPA200 couldn’t cover effective cleaning of a room more than 310 sq. ft.

So, if you have extra-large rooms in your home (more than 400 sq. feet), then go with the Honeywell HPA300 air purifier, as it can offer effective purification of up to 465 sq. feet area at once. But, if you want an air purifier to clean small, medium, or large rooms within 300 sq. ft., then it is just perfect.


A plus point of Honeywell HPA200 is its lightweight construction which only weighs almost 14 pounds. But, the other one is slightly heavy weighted at approximately 17 pounds.

So, if you prefer lightweight units at affordable pricing you must try to go with the HPA 200 as it weighs so less, not more than 14 pounds. It is more affordable than its opponent besides being lightweight too.

Cleaning levels

The two models are best to eliminate microscopic airborne particles up to 99.97% with the help of their cleaning levels. With their Turbo Cleaning Technology, HPA300 consists of four cleaning levels while the HPA200 has a minus one and consists of three levels to help you select according to your requirements.

Do you want multiple levels of cleaning? There is a victory achieved by the HPA300 air purifier for having four cleaning levels (low, medium, high, Turbo), while the other only consists of three.

Color choice

There is a lack of color choice if you select HPA300 over HPA200 as it only comes in black color. But, if you go with the HPA200 air purifier by Honeywell, you will have the chance to choose from black or white.


Another advantage you get from selecting the HPA200 air purifier is its cost-effectiveness. Its price tag is lower when compared to the Honeywell HPA300 air purifier.

Similarities: Honeywell HPA200 Vs HPA300

common Features of Honeywell HPA200 vs HPA300

Many features of both air purifiers are common, making them highly similar. These include:

HEPA filtration mechanism

A True HEPA Filtration technology is equipped in both models that effectively captures all gases, smoke, bacteria, dust, allergens, and molds. It can eliminate 99.97% of infectious particles of size up to 0.3 microns.

Automatic shut-off

Another incredible feature of these two is their auto-off time option that automates shutting off your unit at two, four or eight-hour intervals.

Activated Pre-filter

An activated pre-filter of Carbon serves as a protective mechanism for the HEPA filter by not letting larger particles reach it and destroy it. It helps in reducing unpleasant cooking, pets, or tobacco smoke odors and increases the HEPA filter’s lifespan.

Touch controls

The Honeywell HPA200 and HPA300 feature an easy-to-use touch control panel fixed on the upper side of the units. It includes cleaning levels control, power on/off, timer, filter check, and lights dimmer to help you customize settings as per your requirements.

AHAM certified, less energy Consumption & Warranty

Both of these air purifiers output powerful performance while consuming less power. They have certified excellence for trapping smoke, dust, and pollen grains and come with a fantastic 5-year warranty.


It is a fact that there are only a few feature differences between the two, but if one is offering something better than the other, the other one also seems to have other better features. So, it is pretty difficult to select between Honeywell HPA200 and HPA 300 air purifiers.

Overall, we have found Honeywell HPA300 a much better model than the other one. Due to its few bonus features of cleaning levels and extensive cleaning capacity. Besides having a slightly higher price tag, you must try to go with the HPA300 to enjoy additional excellent features in your unit.

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