How to Get Grease Smell Out of House? 7 Ways to Remove Awful Smells in 2022

how to get grease smell out of house

If you’ve ever noticed a terrible smell coming from your kitchen, chances are it’s because you’re using oil in one of your cooking methods and its grease smell. Grease is an oil-based liquid with a strong smell when it mixes with the air.

On top of the fact that it’s likely to be unhealthy for you. There is also a chance that you could be causing an unhealthy environment for your loved ones. In this article, we will learn how to get grease smell out of house with some simple techniques.

How to Get Grease Smell Out of House? 7 Useful Tips

A house can have many problems, and Grease smells are one of the most common household odors. If left untreated, the grease may build up over time to form a lump that smells of a mixture of burnt oil and fat.

Grease stains are among the most frustrating things to deal with in the home. Once grease gets on your favorite carpet, couch, or tablecloth, it’s hard to get off.

Here are some effective tips that can help you remove the grease smell from your house.

1. Clean Instantly After Cooking

Grease stains are a common problem in the kitchen. The grease can build up on various surfaces in the kitchen, especially on the stove and inside the oven.

house smells like old grease

Cleaning grease stains from your stove and oven is simple. You just need to clean them immediately with hot water after cooking to get rid of cooking smells.

2. Ventilate Your House

Many households are affected by the smell of grease. The grease smell is often caused by cooking oil, which accumulates in the kitchen and causes the odor.

Keep your house ventilated if you are feeling awful grease smells. Make sure to keep your windows and doors open so that fresh air can enter your house.

3. Use a Hood Fan

hood fan for grease smells

A hood fan is also an excellent option to remove the grease smell in a house. You should use the right kind of fan for this purpose. It should be powerful enough to pull the bad cooking smell out of the house.

4. Use an Air Purifier

use air purifier to eliminate grease smell from house

Air purifiers are one of the best ways to remove the smell of grease from the air. Air purifiers with a HEPA filter combined with an activated carbon filter are useful for removing grease smells from the air.

Moreover, these devices can improve indoor air quality by removing pollutants from the air, such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and viruses.

5. Keep a Lighting Candle

To get rid of the smell, you can use a lighting candle while cooking. It will reduce the grease smell in your kitchen and resist spreading to the whole house.

A scented candle will reduce greasy smelling odor because it is not just a fragrance holder but also releases a fragrance into the atmosphere as they burn.

6. Use White Vinegar

You can use white vinegar to get rid of grease smells because vinegar is a powerful smell absorber. Mix one cup of distilled vinegar with one cup of water. Pour this vinegar and water solution into a spray bottle and spray the mixture onto any surface with grease or oil stains.

how to get rid of grease smell in a house

Let the mixture sit for about half an hour, and then wipe away the excess with a cloth or paper towel. You can repeat this process once a month. You can also use a bowl of vinegar in your kitchen for cooking odors.

7. Use Natural Deodorizers

Using natural deodorizers is environment-friendly too. For a hangover, Lemon and coffee are some of the best air fresheners you can use in your kitchen area or anywhere inside your house. Baking soda is also a natural odor absorber. So, you can also use baking soda for greasy smells.

It will keep an aromatic outlook all through the day. Moreover, if you are a smoker, then you can use essential oils in your home to keep the smoke smell away.


In the end, Grease smells are caused by cooking oil, fat from meat and fish, and other sources. There are several easy steps that you can take to remove the grease smell from a house.

Some of the steps may not be effective for every situation, but they will help get rid of the odor quickly. Also, these simple steps may be helpful for people who are old as they can’t afford to replace their appliances and rather.

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