How to Get Rid of Varnish Smell from House? Try These 6 Easiest Methods

how to get rid of varnish smell

Do you have a piece of furniture that you can’t seem to get the varnish smell out of? Maybe you’ve tried all the tricks in the book, but the smell lingers no matter what.

In this blog post, we’re going to share some tips on how to get rid of varnish smell for good. So read on and try these methods today!

How to Get Rid of Varnish Smell – 6 Simple Methods

Varnish is a type of resin used to protect the surface or coating. Varnishes are made with different ingredients, and some of them contain toxic chemicals which can cause a bad smell.

You will notice that the smell is really bad when using varnish for the first time. In addition, if you use old varnish, it can make your room or house stink.

The smell of varnish is caused by the chemical solvent used to make it. This chemical can be absorbed into your body through the respiratory system or skin and cause health problems.

The smell can last for a long time, and you will notice it when you are in your room. Let’s take a look at some simple methods to remove varnish smells.

1. Keep your house ventilated 

Varnish can emit a pungent odor that is difficult to get rid of. It is important to keep your house ventilated as the smell will linger and be more pronounced in enclosed spaces.

Open windows and doors as much as possible to escape the smell of the varnish. Also, turn on a ceiling fan to circulate air and eliminate the odor in your home.

2. Use an Air purifier

An air purifier is the best way to get rid of the varnish smell. An air purifier can be used to clean and sanitize the air you breathe according to your specific needs.

There are different types of air purifiers: an ionic type that emits negatively charged ions, a UV type that has germicidal lamps, and activated carbon traps particles both big and small.

For best results, place air purifiers near the varnish smell to completely remove the odor.

3. Use Baking soda 

Baking soda is a great way to get rid of varnish smell because it absorbs bad odors. The two main ways to get rid of the varnish smell are baking soda or bleach. The best way is to use a combination of the two, but use that if you only have one of the two.

If you are only baking soda, mix one cup with one gallon of water and pour it into a bucket. Soak the rag in this solution and wipe down any surfaces you want to eliminate varnish odor, such as your wood furniture or floors. If you have a large area to clean, use a spray bottle and spritz the solution on the surface.

how to get rid of varnish smell from furniture

To eliminate the varnish smell using bleach, mix one cup with one gallon of water and pour it into a bucket. Soak the rag in this solution and wipe down any surfaces you want to eliminate the varnish smell, such as your furniture or floors.

4. Use Vinegar

vinegar for varnish smell

Vinegar is another commonly used household product to get rid of unwanted smells in your home. It is important to get rid of that unpleasant varnish smell if it has taken over your home or workspace.

The easiest way to do this is with white vinegar, which will remove the smell without leaving behind any other odors. You can use white distilled vinegar by following methods;

1) Pour white vinegar on a cotton ball and place it in an open jar. Let the vapors fill your space and get rid of that varnish smell.

2) Pour white vinegar into a bowl and place it on your countertop overnight. The next morning, the varnish smell should be gone!

3) If you have a small space, such as a closet or bathroom, place bowls of vinegar around the room and let them sit for a couple of days.

4) If you have a large space, such as an entire room or office area, place bowls of vinegar in the corners. Leave them overnight, and the smell should be gone by morning.

5. Use Room Fresheners 

As we know that varnish is a thin, resinous coating applied to wooden furniture. The varnish creates a precise color and protects the wood from damage.

When varnish begins to dry, the smell it produces becomes very strong. If you have finished pieces of furniture that smell like varnish, use room fresheners to eliminate the smell.

6. Use Activated charcoal

can i use activated charcoal for varnish smell

Activated charcoal is an excellent absorber of toxic substances. Therefore, it can help get rid of the varnish smell. It should be used when foul odors are in the air.

The activated bags are also an excellent air purifier and can help eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke, mold, mildew, etc. Also, activated charcoal is odorless, making it a perfect choice for absorbing polyurethane smells.

Common FAQs about Varnish Smell

Can Varnish Smell Be Dangerous?

Yes, the varnish smell can be dangerous if you don’t take quick action. Make sure to clean your house well and get rid of the varnish smell completely by using the methods described in this article.

How long does it take for the varnish smell to go away?

For the best results, you must do everything possible to get rid of the varnish smell in your house. As far as negative side effects are concerned, it may take up to several days for your home to be completely free of varnish smell.

How long are polyurethane fumes toxic?

The toxicity of polyurethane fumes depends on the amount you are exposed to and how long you are exposed to it. The more time a person is around it, the greater the chances they will have an allergic reaction. The chances of having a severe reaction are greater for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

How do I prevent the varnish smell from coming back?

The best way to keep away varnish smell is to avoid bad odors in the first place. You can use candles or potpourri to add a nice smell to your house.

How do you get the varnish smell out of the house from painting?

There is no need to worry if you have just painted your living room and it smells like fresh paint. Once the air circulates through the room, the smell should go away quickly.

However, if you have already let the fresh paint smell evaporate and it still smells like paint in your room, this means that there is something wrong with your ventilation system. It would be best to eliminate the varnish smell entirely by using the methods mentioned in this article.


The fumes of toxic chemicals cause a varnish smell. It can be very irritating and unhealthy for your family. Using an air purifier is the best way to get rid of the varnish smell. Baking soda, vinegar, activated charcoal, and vacuuming are other ways to eliminate the varnish smell at home.

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