How to Purify Air in Basement? 9 Simple Hacks in 2022

how to purify air in basement

Having a nice basement can make a living in your home more enjoyable. However, would you agree that basements are usually the worst place to spend time and have the lowest air quality?

So, the question is how to purify air in basement? Well, the reasons for basement smell or poor air quality are diverse, but there are some easy ways to improve basement air quality.

9 Ways on How to Purify Air in Basement 

If you’ve been dealing with a musty smell in your basement, it may be time to purify the air. By following these simple steps, you can get your basement smelling fresh and clean in no time!

1. Use a HEPA Air Purifier

Air purifiers play an important role in improving basement air quality. Use a True HEPA air purifier to rid your basement of any harmful particles.

Air purifiers work by trapping and removing dust, mold spores, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the indoor air.

use air purifiers for basement air quality

Generally, HEPA air purifiers also have an activated carbon filter that removes odors and chemicals from the air like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds.

If you have respiratory problems, this is even more important for you to have an air purifier. It will reduce the number of pollutants you breathe in daily and at night.

2. Vacuum Regularly

Another best way to improve basement air quality is to vacuum and dust the basement regularly. It will clear out any accumulated particles in the air.

Keep your vacuum cleaner and your filters clean as well so that no particles are being recirculated back into the air.

3. Use a Dehumidifier

Excessive moisture is a common reason for basement air pollution. Indoor Moisture helps mold growth in a basement. Use a dehumidifier to decrease the amount of moisture in your basement and increase cleaning power by at least 30%.

do dehumidifiers remove mold spores

Dehumidifying your basement space will allow better air circulation and make it easier for fans or other methods to clean out any harmful air pollutants.

4. Declutter Your Basement 

Decluttering a basement is another best step to improve basement air quality. It will reduce dust particles in the air and eliminate odors coming from mold, mildew, or other sources of dampness.

You should remove or dispose of any furniture, boxes, or other junk items from the basement for fresh air.

5. Keep Windows And Doors Closed

It would help to purify the basement air if you kept windows and doors closed as much as possible. If the windows and doors in your basement are closed, there is no way for air to enter or leave.

It prevents pollutants from entering the room as well. However, this also means that you will be unable to let out any unpleasant smells from the room.

6. Install an Exhaust Fan

Poor ventilation is also a source of bad air quality in a basement. Exhaust fans are one of the best and most effective ways to improve basement ventilation.

how to purify air in basement

Exhaust fans are often used in basements because they provide air circulation. When the air is circulated, it moves the stale or unpleasant basement smell out of the basement.

7. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is a major cause of poor indoor air quality in a basement. Avoid smoking in the basement room.

Also, refrain from using scented candles, incense, or other items that may leave particles floating around your basement.

While not all of these items are directly harmful to you, they could contribute to allergies you don’t even know you have.

8. Clean Air Ducts and Vents

Cracks and gaps in the basement walls also contribute to bad air quality. Clean and dust your air ducts and air vents with a damp cloth to remove any excess dust or dirt that may have accumulated there.

how to improve basement air quality

The more you can clean these areas, the better off your basement will be in terms of ventilation and cleanliness.

9. Use Low VOC Paint

Use low-VOC paint when redecorating your basement so that any harmful chemicals from the paint won’t be emitted into your air supply while you’re breathing them in.

Low-VOC paints emit fewer toxins and pollutants compared with normal paints. So, it is safer for everyone, especially babies or toddlers who crawl around on the floor all the time.

Make sure that when you are shopping for low-VOC paint, it states that it has low-VOC levels on the label.

Frequently Asked Questions about Basement Air Quality in 2022

How can I detect indoor air quality?

The best way to detect indoor air quality is to use an indoor air quality monitor. It will give you an indication of the indoor environment by using a sensor.

Electronic devices like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, and other sensor-based systems give out signals when they detect a change in the environment.

These sensors are installed throughout your home to alert you if there is any problem with the air quality inside your house.

Are air purifiers good for basements?

Yes, air purifiers are good to improve basement air quality, as they can help remove unwanted odors from a basement, such as musty smells.

Moreover, Air purifiers may be a good investment for people with allergies or asthma living in basements because the air is usually stagnant and has more dust particles and mold spores.

Why is it hard to breathe in my basement?

poor air quality in basement causes

If you think that it’s not easy to breathe in your basement, then there is a chance the air quality in your basement may not be as good as you would like.

There can be some reasons for this, including airborne allergens and mold, and mildew growth.

Is basement air unhealthy?

Basement air can become unhealthy if it is not properly taken care of. If you live in an area with a lot of smog, or if your basement is located near heavy traffic, there’s a chance that the air quality inside may not be as high. There is a chance that there are toxins in the air, and they can cause health problems.


Breathable air can be difficult to come by in basements if you don’t take proper precautions. By using the above methods, you can keep any harmful particles out of the air and make sure that you are breathing clean, safe air at all times.

The above methods are especially important for people who suffer respiratory problems, like asthma. Follow the above advice to lower your chances of getting sick due to the air in your basement.

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