Ionic Air Purifier Troubleshooting – 5 Common Problems with Solutions in 2022

ionic air purifier troubleshooting

Indoor air cleanliness plays a vital role in preventing multiple airborne diseases. The ionic air purifier is the best equipment to remove small airborne pollutants that are dangerous to health.

It cleans up the air by combining the negative ions of its air inside with positive air particles outside. Even microscopic particles that are bacteria, viruses, allergens, molds, and dangerous gases can be effectively cleaned by an Ionic air purifier.

There is neither a need to replace the filter nor a hectic fan or motor. So, it is an excellent air purifier that uses little energy and has almost no maintenance cost.

Ionic Air Purifier Troubleshooting

Sometimes you may face multiple problems with your ionic purifier that you immediately need to fix to use again. But, how do troubleshoot an ionic air purifier?

Well, here you will find the common issues and their solutions that you might have faced or can face anytime:

1. Gets shut off multiple times

If your ionic air purifier is shutting off, again and again, there could be several reasons for it. Whether the dust has covered the wires or the AC input couldn’t attain more power. It is only possible that the blades get filled with moisture that is not allowing it to work properly.

why is ionic air purifier shutting off


  • Check the machine instantly. If it is getting so warm, don’t use it for a few hours to let it cool down.
  • Clean the wire and blade with a damp, soft cloth and let it dry to work again efficiently.

2. Produces a crackling sound

If your ionic purifier starts producing a crackling sound, it means that the debris has been trapped inside and clogged on the blade, or its system couldn’t tolerate more loads within a day.

Clogging sometimes happens in such a way that makes the machine not work properly and makes constant irritating with its whistling or cracking noises.

why is my air purifier crackling


  • Immediately unplug the unit and let it rest. Clean the machine from top to bottom, especially the filter, and observe again. If the same sound comes out, repeat the process.

3. Not getting reset

If you just have taken it out for cleaning, but it won’t get reset despite holding its power button for more than 10 seconds, then don’t panic and try to fix the issue yourself first.


  • Turn off the ionic air cleaner instantly and unplug it. Let it sit for almost half an hour, and then plug it again. If it is still not working, contact customer service.
  • You can also download the ionic pro air purifier manual for further assistance.

4. Indicator Light can’t turn on

When you plug your unit and press the “ON” button, its indicator light gets turned on itself. If you do the same, but still it is not turning on, then there must be an issue inside:

Indicator Light Does Not Turn On


  • Check out if all parts are properly inserted into the machine.
  • Reinsert the blades after cleaning them thoroughly from dust particles.
  • Make sure that the ionizing wires cleaning mechanism is fully pushed into the machine at the top of your ionic air purifier.

5. Produces excessive sparking

It is a common problem of many purifiers that starts sparking during cleaning. The sparking of the air purifier indicates that the filter has captured a lot of large dust particles, and it may require cleaning or repair.


  • Clean your ionic purifier from the inside and outside. If it still does the same, send it for repair.

How to clean an ionic air purifier safely? 

Cleaning of ionic air purifiers is not typical, and it only requires a few minutes and effort. But, it is necessary to clean it twice a month to remove dirt or debris clogged inside the blade collection.

Firstly, you need to unplug the machine after turning it OFF carefully. Pull out the blades upward by holding the handle of a piece containing a collection of blades and put it safely on the ground.

Before placing, touch the piece’s base to discharge any electricity left. Wipeout all the blades with a damp and soft cloth and let them get dry completely for almost one day. Locate the blades again on the device and use them.


The Ionic Air Purifier Troubleshooting is predominantly due to a lack of cleaning that can show multiple problems. So, according to the issues you face with your air purifier, find its solution from the above and make your machine start working again efficiently.

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