Levoit Air Purifier Troubleshooting Guide – 5 Common Problems with Solutions

levoit air purifier troubleshooting

Purifying air daily or even weekly is crucial, especially for the people living in populated cities. It is a way by which you can stay safe from various airborne diseases like asthma, tuberculosis, influenza, etc., and live a healthy life always.

So, if you have a Levoit air purifier, you must have aware of its effective cleaning. It has many impressive features that are easy to operate to remove airborne particles and volatile organic compounds from the air.

But, you can face some mechanical issues with your levoit air purifier that can lead it to its poor air purification quality and, ultimately, stop working properly.

Levoit Air Purifier Troubleshooting with Solutions

Below are the common issues described that usually happen with the Levoit air purifiers. Here is the troubleshooting guide to help you fix issues and enjoy your unit and offer you the best of it.

1. Levoit Air Purifier is Making Strange Noises 

There are many reasons why your Levoit air purifier can start producing unusual noise, causing irritation and difficulty to work with. The issue can be with its filters, lack of cleanliness, or improper setup.


  • Make sure you have correctly installed the air filters.
  • Check if its filters may not get older than what is prescribed.
  • Unplug your unit, turn it off and make sure that there is not too much dust inside that restricts its performance.
  • Properly fit its back cover and try purifying again.

2. Continuous Blinking of Red Light

You may see that your air purifier is showing red light continuously. It is filter replacement indicator light and an indication to replace its old air filter with the new one.

But, you may find out after replacing the filter, that the red light is blinking continuously. So, you need to troubleshoot your Levoit unit!


  • Unplug levoit air purifier from the power cord outlet and take off the filter. Reinsert it correctly and observe.
  • You may need to reset it by pressing the filter reset button for almost 5 seconds after turning off your unit.
  • If the filters are clogged or completed their useful life, replace them with new air filters.
  • Contact the customer support team for further guidance if you still can’t correct it yourself.

3. No Control Through an App

There are many controls of your Levoit purifier that you need to perform through an App. But sometimes, you find out that it is not connecting to an app, and you can’t perform such functions.

why is levoit air purifier out of control


  • Make sure that it is getting good signals and your levoit air purifier is not so away from your router.
  • Try to use a secured 2.4 GHZ WIFI connection as what you have might not be stable enough.
  • Don’t ever open a VPN to run the app.
  • Forget your WiFi password and enter it again to ensure that you have entered the correct one.

4. Inadequate Airflow

A suitable airflow is necessary to come out of your air purifier for proper air cleaning. If you experience inadequate airflow of your Levoit unit, find its possible cause and try fixing it through multiple solutions.


  • Check that have you removed the filter packaging and filter cover? Remove it instantly as it is a significant cause of blocking airflow.
  • Fan speed matters a lot when managing airflow. If you are experiencing reduced airflow, your fan speed may have been set too low. So, when you need to clean too much dust, increase the fan speed and observe.
  • Maybe you’re purifying the area more than it is recommended. It can cause you to feel that inadequate flow is coming out that is not cleaning air properly.

5. Unit Won’t Switch On

why is levoit air purifier wont on

You were utilizing your Levoit air purifier and experiencing its powerful cleaning. But, at some moment, it stops switching on even if you’re following the correct mechanism to turn it on.


  • Make sure that your electrical outlet is correct. If not, replace it and try connecting it once again.
  • Maybe the electrical power cord has got damaged. Check it and if there is any fault, replace it.
  • If you have set up an incorrect electric power rating required to run your Levoit air purifier, it can be a reason for its not getting turned on.
  • You should contact customer support if the levoit air purifier is still not started working

Levoit Air Purifier User Manual

You can download the levoit air purifier user manual Here

Common FAQs About Levoit Air Purifiers

Are levoit air purifiers good?

Levoit air purifiers are one of the best air purifiers on the market in 2022. They are lightweight and easily portable. In addition, they have a long life span and provide high-quality air filtration without producing any side effects.

How do I reset my Levoit air purifier?

First, you need to unplug the unit from the power outlet and wait for at least five minutes before reconnecting it. Now press the filter reset button for 3 to 5 seconds.

How do I reset my Levoit air purifier

How long do Levoit air purifier filters last?

Most levoit air purifiers come with three-stage filtration; pre-filter, true HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter. A washable pre-filter will last for 1 to 2 years. However, it is recommended to clean the filter once every 2 to 4 weeks.

An activated charcoal filter lasts 3 to 6 months, and a HEPA filter usually has a life span of 6 to 8 months, depending on its usage frequency.

Can I run my Levoit air purifier 24/7?

Of course, levoit air purifiers are designed to run 24 hours a day. The air purifier will start purification as soon as you start it.

However, you can save electricity by running it for one hour in high-speed settings. After that, you should set it on auto mode or the lowest possible fan speed.


So, here ends our guide on levoit air purifier troubleshooting. You may feel disappointed when your levoit air purifier stops working or show ineffective performance. But there is no need to worry about it as it can be due to common issues that can be easily fixed. So, find out the reasons behind it and start solving it accordingly.

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