Winix Air Purifier Troubleshooting – 5 Common Problems Solved in 2022

winix air purifier troubleshooting

Winix air purifier is an extraordinary cleaner that captures almost every harmful particle in the air and keeps your home air fresh and clean. It only takes half an hour to clear up smoke and dust from the air with Winix.

If you want your room free from 99.9% pollutants, bacteria, dust, and allergens, you can achieve it by turning on its high-power settings.

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Winix Air Purifier Troubleshooting

As winix air purifiers are excellent performers because of their best technology embedded, you still find some stressful issues. You get a detailed winix user manual with your air purifier, but it is pretty irritating for many people to read the whole.

So, it’s simple to read an informative and precise troubleshooting guide given below, containing solutions to various common issues of Winix air purifiers:

1. Winix Producing Ticking Sound

If you find your unit starts producing a ticking or crackling sound, there can be two possibilities. Whether there is a problem with the filter or its Plasma Wave function is working.


  • You can turn off the Plasma wave function while cleaning a small area.
  • Check if the dirt has not clogged the filter or your filter’s age has been completed, and now it’s the time for the new one. Try again after cleaning it initially. If you find no results you find, replace them.

2. Winix Air Purifier Won’t Turn On

Have you correctly plugged in your air purifier to the power outlet? Still is not getting turned on? If you are pressing the switch button but not getting turned on, you must determine the issue and tips to fix it.

winix air purifier won't working


  • Check out if its power rating is correct or not. If not, do it as required and check to turn it on again.
  • Try checking it by plugging it into a different outlet as an old one might stop working or be damaged.
  • Maybe the power cord needs replacement.
  • If there is still no result after trying all these solutions, contact the manufacturer’s support team to guide you or fix your unit.

3. Winix Won’t turn off

If you have completed purifying the air or want to turn off your machine, it may not turn off despite pressing the button multiple times; then, it may have too warmed up. So, try the following steps:


Just don’t press the button multiple times and unplug your unit directly from the power outlet. Now your Winix has shut off instantly. Wait for a few minutes, and then plug it back. Turn it on but set it in the sleep mode for two to five minutes.

Run it and attempt to turn it off repeatedly with the correct way to check again if your unit is OK or NOT.

4. Ineffective Performance of Winix

When you find that the smoke and unpleasant odors are still in your room, even if you were operating your air purifier for half an hour. Then you have to find out whether there is a lack in your work or your unit’s performance and find the solution accordingly.


  • Change the settings to high airflow and try cleaning close to your walls and doors.
  • Make sure that blades are not clogged. If you find excessive dust, clean it with a cloth and set it to dry.
  • If both solutions don’t work, then there is just a need for its filter replacement as if the filter gets too old, it starts producing nasty odors.

5. Remote Control Isn’t Working

The Remote is a prime part needed to control multiple settings of Winix air purifiers. So, if its remote control stops working, check out the following tips:


  • Make sure that the batteries must not have been displaced or inserted correctly.
  • May its battery’s life has ended, and you need to replace it.


If you want your Winix air purifier to serve you for years and keep offering you purified and fresh air, you need to pay attention to its maintenance too. The maintenance of air purifiers is not that much expensive.

As described in the Winix air purifier troubleshooting guide, you only need to replace the filter after many months, but make sure that you clean it at least twice a month. Still, if you find any issue, try to troubleshoot it by trying the solutions mentioned in the guide.

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